Sustainable in the fjords

9 day trip

Trip type:


2 nights in Bergen
2 nights in Rosendal
2 nights in Lofthus
2 nights in Norheimsund

This trip is focused on sustainability. All transport is public transportation. You stay two nights in each place and will only be served local products. Where it is available the accommodation is certified sustainable.

Take only memories, leave only footprints.

Day to day itinerary

Norway Insight - Bergen by Air: Visit Bergen / Lars Korvald -

Day 1

Arrival in Bergen

Individual arrivals and check-in at the centrally located and sustainable hotel.

Welcome to Bergen, the city between seven mountains, a picturesque «must-see» city in Norway. Bergen has several authentic areas with tiny wooden houses and narrow cobblestone streets. You can see the UNESCO Hanseatic wharf and take the funicular to the top of Mt. Fløyen, go shopping, enjoy art exhibitions, museums and concerts, try the local cuisine as Bergen is a creative city of gastronomy.

Take your time to explore Bergen.

Optional: Sauna and dip in the fjord.

Traveling can leave you feeling a bit disoriented and out of balance. Our experience is that nothing cures that type of travel dizziness better than a dip in the sea. Puddefjorden offers refreshing recalibration and the sauna lets you enjoy the fjord with comfort and style. Welcome. Now you are in Bergen!

Norway Insight Foto: Visit Bergen/Casper Steinsland -

Day 2


Enjoy the Food&Culture walk with our local guides. We get feedback from our clients, that they wish they would have done this sooner, as it gives them an overview of what Bergen is. So we put this up as a kind of «get started-guide” to Bergen. The tour offers a closer look at the fish market, the UNESCO site The Hanseatic Wharf, and some off-the-beaten-track treats.

After taking a closer look at Bergen, zoom out at the top of Mt. Ulriken. The cable car «Ulriksbanen» will take you straight to the top where you can enjoy the spectacular view while fine dining.

Norway Insight Rosendal

Day 3


From the comfort of large modern and spacious boats, you can experience beautiful, untamed landscapes on this scenic trip to Rosendal in Hardanger.

Arrival and check-in at your hotel.

Rosendal is like a slice of Norway in miniature. Explore it at your own pace. You can stroll around in the stone park, visit a café or a gallery and take in the magnificent scenery. Not far from the Rosendal center are beautiful sandy beaches.

Optional: Excursions

Excursion at the Barony.

Scandinavia’s smallest castle from 1665, surrounded by a beautiful rose garden with a pleasant garden café.



Excursion at the Folgefonn center.

Here you can learn about Folgefonna national park, the journey of the water on earth, climate change, biodiversity, and sustainable use of natural resources.

Norway Insight Bondehusvatnet

Day 4


A short bus trip will take you to and from the starting point of this iconic hike. Bondhusvatnet has been a popular destination since the mid-1800s.

The colors of the lake, the unique landscape, and the glacier in the background make Bondhusdalen one of the most beautiful valleys in Norway. It is a 2-hour long round trip. If you want to go all the way to the glacier, it takes an additional hour.

Norway Insight Ullensvang Bad Photo: De historiske

Day 5


Hotel Ullensvang is situated along Hardanger Fjord. The idyllic waterfront hotel boasts an array of breathtaking picture-perfect landscapes of Folgefonna Glacier.

Ullensvang Bath has an 88-meter-long swimming channel stretching from a heated indoor pool to an outdoor infinity pool, delightful gardens with a private beach, and unique landscapes.

Norway Insight Cider Tour Photo: Hardanger Maritime Centre/Silje Ensby.

Day 6


Hardanger is known as an important cider area. Cider has been produced at almost every farm here throughout history. The apples have developed slowly during the long summer light, on fertile slopes between mild fjords and cold mountains, providing unique growing conditions. The complex soil, climate, and local conditions give unique taste properties. Learn about the history of cider and taste the delicious drink at the same time. Freshly-pressed apple juice is available as an alcohol-free alternative.

A catamaran boat will take you from Lofthus to one of Hardanger’s historical farms, dating from 1220. Here you may enjoy a guided tour. You will get to see inside several buildings that are otherwise not open to the public and enjoy an exhibition of national costumes. The catamaran will then take you to a modern farm with historical roots, where you will taste award-winning cider and innovative fruit distillates.

Norway Insight Vøringsfossen Photo: Mathias Rasmussen

Day 7


Vøringsfossen is a national icon. Enjoy this spectacular 182m waterfall from the viewing platforms and the new walking bridge, drawn by architect Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk. The bridge makes it possible to walk across the gorge, with Måbødalen at the bottom, in 99 steps. It is part of the project: National scenic route Hardanger, where untraditional architecture is combined with beautiful nature. The architecture facilitates the experience of nature, while also appearing as an attraction in its own right.

A ferry boat will take you from Lofthus to Eidfjord. From Eidfjord Tourist Information a designated bus will take you further up to the viewing platforms, and back down. The ferryboat awaits at the harbor and takes you to Norheimsund.

Norway Insight Ullensvang Bad Photo: De historiske

Day 8


Ever since the beginning of our history, Norway has been a maritime nation. The story of the country and the fjords can not be told without the story of the boats; from viking ships to modern vessels. In Norheimsund there is a living maritime center. Meaning it keeps the traditional crafts alive by using them.

On this tour, you can hear the sound of craftsmen at work. Enjoy the authentic smells of tar, rope and red-hot forged iron. At the end of the tour, you row, by yourself, on the fjord, in a traditional wooden boat, whose building technique has a direct heritage to the viking ships.

Optional: Visit Steindalsfossen.

Steindalsfossen is a spectacular, 50-meter drop, waterfall. You can walk behind the waterfall and out to the vantage point on the other side. From here you can admire Steinsdalsfossen, a beautiful view of Norheimsund and over the entire Steinsdalen valley

It is easily accessible right next to the road, with the tourist office and a café close by. A short bus trip or a nice walk from the hotel will get you there. Admire the waterfall and the forces of nature from the front patio, the path behind it, or the café.

Norway Insight Bryggen in Bergen Photo: Visit bergen / Lars Korvald -

Day 9


A bus will take you from Norheimsund to Bergen.

Depending on your departure and arrival time, we will be happy to arrange more experiences and accommodation. Just let us know what you are dreaming of.

Visit Hardanger

Hardanger comprises the Hardangerfjord, the surrounding shores and valleys, and related uplands, mountains and glaciers

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