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7 day trip

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3 Nights in Bergen
3 Nights in Alta
1 Night in Jøkelfjord


Western Fjords & Arctic North

Explore the best of Bergen’s culture and natural beauty, then journey to Tromsø for an Arctic adventure. Fjord cruises, cultural experiences, and unforgettable hikes await.

Day to day itinerary

Norway Insight Bryggen in Bergen Photo: Visit bergen / Lars Korvald -

Day 1


Bergen is a city full of history in both culture and food and this tour is focusing on the food traditions as well as Bergens interesting culture and people.

Your driver and assistant awaits as you arrive in Bergen, and will take you to the historic city center, where you will enjoy a private food and culture walk, as a way to get to know the city and history.

After the guided tour, take a short helicopter trip to the Sea-view Villa. The villa is situated along the shoreline islands outside Bergen. Enjoy your accommodation as your chef prepares your dinner.

Photo of a man and a woman on a fjord cruice

Day 2


Start your day with breakfast at the villa and get ready for an adventure of Norwegian dining. A yacht will pick you up at the villa’s pier and you are in for lunch at one of the many islets.

After your lunch, the yacht will take you back to the villa where your helicopter is ready to transport you to the city center. Now you will explore Bergen’s highest mountain, Ulriken. After a light hike you are all sett for chambere séparée and amazing views at the restaurant on the top. 

The helicopter will take you back to the villa for the evening. 

Image of snowy hills and northern lights

Day 3

Fjord adventure

 After breakfast, head on to the helicopter for a fjord adventure from Gudvangen to Flåm.

You are in for an adventure as you make your way towards the Unesco world heritage Nærøyfjord. Enjoy the amazing fjord views that on its narrowest only reaches 250 meters across. As you arrive you will board a yacht for your chefs lunch. The yacht will take you from Gudvangen to Flåm. This is where you really get to explore the heart of the fjords.

The helicopter will take you back to the villa. As you return to your house, your chef will prepare your gourmet dinner as you relax and unwind.

A photo from whale safari where the whale's tail fin emerges from the water

Day 4


 Board the plane that takes you to Alta to experience the northern part of Norway. 

Alta is located at the intersection of the sea and Finnmarksvidda. This geographic area has, since the Stone Age, been a meeting place for several indigenous people groups. They have built their common history and future to master the rugged arctic environment.

In Alta, you will find your Arctic accommodation at the Wilderness Lodge. You can choose between sleeping in the lodge or in one of the rooms at the Igloo hotel.

Image of snowy hills and northern lights

Day 5

EXPLORE The indigenous culture

 With our guide you will set out from Alta in the morning, heading south towards the town of Kautokeino. Kautokeino is the municipality in Norway with the most Sami-speaking inhabitants. The site is in a very sparsely populated area south of Finnmarksvidda, and reindeer herding has been the main industry for hundreds of years. The traditional way of life is still strong. Here you will be introduced to a life in balance with nature where events depend on the reindeer, not on modern times.

You will have a stop at the first workshop for silver jewelry in Finnmark, established in 1959.


In Kautokeino we will change our means of transportation to snowmobiles, while we head to the reindeer herder. Arriving at the Sami camp, Aslak will greet us and give you a real experience of how the Sami culture is today and how it has changed over the years. Here you will get to try lasso throwing and reindeer driving. For lunch, you will be served a traditional Sami feast around the fire in the lavvo accompanied by a Joik (a traditional Sami song).
A photo from whale safari where the whale's tail fin emerges from the water

Day 6


With your guide you will set off to Alta harbor. You will be equipped with snug, warm suits, which are necessary for the upcoming boating adventure. Start your search for what some consider to be a prized delicacy. The experienced guide will let you in on local secrets and tell you stories revolving around the king crab and the history of the area, while you enjoy something warm to drink. After some King Crab encounters, we head back to the lodge to taste the beasts in a delicious lunch at the Lavvo restaurant.

After lunch, you will be picked up at the lodge and driven to the Husky farm. You will learn how to prepare and when everything is ready the dogs will be eager to set off for some dog sledding. We open the gates and head into the forest. As you get back to the kennel a true fine dining experience awaits you in the restaurant.

After dinner your guide will drive you to the headquarters of the Northern Light Hunters, where you will get a briefing to prepare you for the hunt. After the briefing, we set off on our Northern Lights hunt.


A photo from whale safari where the whale's tail fin emerges from the water

Day 7

Whale safari and Igloos

 In winter the herring migrate across the arctic ocean coast to their wintering grounds in the Norwegian Sea and the whales follow. That is why November through to February, the waters in this area are some of the best in the world for whale spotting. Together with your private captain, you will set out through the open water in a warm and comfortable boat. As you scan the seas for any signs of whale spray or a tail fluke, you will learn all about the lives of these fascinating creatures, who roam the world’s oceans on their lifelong journey. You may also encounter some of the region’s flourishing marine and bird life, such as the great cormorant or the majestic sea eagle.


Your last accommodation is the Luxurious Igloos by the beautiful Jøkelfjord. The igloos offer an unforgettable experience, with a beautiful view facing the fjord and the night sky. Jøkelfjord’s lack of street lights and limited outdoor lighting makes it perfect for Northern Lights viewing.


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