Fjord & Arctic – Summer

5 day trip

Bergen & Tromsø

Explore the best of Bergen’s culture and natural beauty, then journey to Tromsø for an Arctic adventure. Fjord cruises, cultural experiences, and unforgettable hikes await.

2 nights in Bergen
2 nights in Tromsø
  • Adventures 90% 90%
  • Adrenaline 10% 10%
  • Culture Food 70% 70%
  • Body & Soul 4% 4%
  • Sweet Dreams 40% 40%
  • Other Stuff 20% 20%

Day to day itinerary

Photo of two customers receiving fishcake from a restaurant

Day 1



Bergen is a city full of history in both culture and food and this tour is focusing on the food traditions as well as Bergens interesting culture and people.

Discover Bergen with all your senses. On this tour, we walk through the oldest part of the city and its story. You will be accompanied by a local guide with exciting stories and taste local food. You will also learn more about the city, local food traditions and history.

Photo of a man and a woman on a fjord cruice

Day 2



Embark on an enchanting voyage through Norway’s natural wonders with a 4-huor fjord cruise from Bergen to the scenic Osterfjord and Mostraumen Channel.

When sailing out from Bergen’s inner harbor you will have a great view to some of the oldest and most relevant historical sites in the city. Sail through beautiful Western-Norwegian scenery in the Cityfjord, Salhusfjord and Osterfjord towards the dramatic Mostraumen Channel. The captain safely steers the boat through narrow sounds, a maze of islands, deep fjords and beautiful waterfalls. 

Photo of the piano in Grieg's concert hall

Day 3

Cultural history before

flying to tromsø


Begin your day at Edvard Grieg’s cherished Troldhaugen, a pilgrimage site for music enthusiasts. Explore the composer’s home, villa, cottage, and concert hall, where over 300 concerts are held annually.

Then, venture north to Tromsø, a city where the sun never sets during summer. Immerse yourself in the unique “midnight sun” atmosphere. In Tromsø, you’ll discover a vibrant hub for culture and Arctic exploration, offering an array of outdoor adventures. Enjoy a comfortable stay at Scandic Ishavshotel and embark on an unforgettable midnight sun cruise through the pristine Arctic landscape, guided by a local expert.

Photo of a harbour in Tromsø

Day 4



Kickstart your day with an e-bike tour, immersing yourself in Tromsø’s urban energy. After lunch, you can either continue your city exploration or take a moment to relax at your hotel and savor the Arctic tranquility.

In the afternoon, ascend the Sherpa stairs, where breathtaking views await, followed by a sumptuous dinner at Fjellstua Café atop Storsteinen. Your day culminates with a ride on the Fjellheisen cable car, offering awe-inspiring panoramic vistas, particularly during the enchanting midnight sun, creating a truly remarkable Tromsø experience.

Photo of a Tesla model X

Day 5



The Arctic fjords provide a breathtaking landscape for those looking to reconnect with nature. The breathtaking blend between the ocean and mountains is one of the unique features of this region.

Your guide will welcome you, take you into the gear room to get ready, roll out the maps and choose which area to explore for the day. You will travel comfortably in a Tesla Model X, which takes you for a hike through the epic mountains. The guide share their passion for these tours and have great local knowledge to make sure you are in good hands for this special activity.

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