Sustainability through the whole value-chain is something we at Norway Insight thrives for. For us sustainability is of the main essences in all that we do. We want to provide the market with sustainable experiences, and to do that we integrate sustainability as a natural part in all that we do. We work towards: (1) To preserve nature, culture and environment and also (2) to strengthen social values.

Here are some examples on what we do to provide you with a sustainable experience:

We try to use as much local food on our day-tours and multi-day tours as possible, this to support the local culture and environment by using “short-travelled” food.

Moreover we use local guides and suppliers on our tours and they again provide us with firsthand knowledge about the destination and this supports Social values and culture.

When it comes to transportation we recommend public transport, electric cars, bikes or electric bikes this to be environmentally friendly.

We do not leave waste in the nature and try to recycle as far as possible all waste. We also do not do other interferences in the nature, this to preserve the nature and environment.

We offer “off the beaten track” tours this to give our customers an extraordinary experience and to preserve nature and support local suppliers.

We do have a blog that is about three main areas: (1) sustainability, (2) culture and (3) destination/activities.

We have a profound respect for the nature we love, the people who work withus and our guests.

We want to give our guests experiances that will give them more insight.

If you are looking for a sustainable experience we are here for you.