Kayak Paradise Solund


Where the fjord meet’s the sea lies Solund, off the mouth of the Sognefjord. Characteristic of the municipality are the mountain-like open countryside and the sparse vegetation due to the nutrient-poor and very special rock conglomerate. Although you might not be a geologist, you will be interested in studying this rock closer and be fascinated by the many detached rocks in the landscape created by the Ice Age. The tour requires a normal level of fitness.

About the trip

A 3-day trip to the archipelago Solund – two days with paddle tours. A paddle paradise with a myriad of small and large islands. Straits and reefs provide shelter from the wind and waves. But it is also a short distance to the ocean. Here are sheltered bays and white beaches. You also can go hiking on your own – choose between the two peaks Ravnenipa and Pollatinden.

Included in the price

• Accommodation in double room
• Breakfast (day 2-3)
• 2-course dinner (day 1-2 – 2 days)
• Rental of kayaks and equipment
• Guide day 2.
• Lunch at the guided tour (day 2).
• Packed lunch (day 3).
• Express boat Bergen-Krakhella t / d.

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