Story of The Last Viking - Norway Insight


The city of Bjørgvin was founded around 1070, by the King Olav Kyrre.

He is the son of the viking King Harald Hardråde, who died at the battle of Stamford Bridge (1066), in an attempted to conquer the English throne.

(After his fathers death, Olav Kyrre became known as the peaceful and silent King, the first King that could read and write both latin and rune.)


Now Olav Kyrre finds himself sorrounded by enemies and need to find a solution to avoid a devestating battle.

William the Conqueror and the Danish King Svein has united their troops and are sorrounding Bjørgvin, (making any escape difficult.)

William the Conqueror, a duke from Nomandy and a decendant of the viking Rollo, is now the King of England. He acended the English throne easily after a battle against English troops, weary and reduced after the battle at Stamford Bridge- against Olav Kyrres father.

William is worried that another attack from the Norwegian vikings will deprive him of the crown.

The Danish king Svein had a peace treaty with King Harald Hardråde, but no longer finds himself bound by it, now that King Harald Hardråde is dead. Together with William The Conqueror, the Danish King has united their troops and surrounded Bjørgvin.

To avoid a battle and achieve peace, King Olav Kyrre contemplates marrying the Danish King Svein`s daughter Ingerid, and unite the two kingdoms. With the support from the Danish troops William the Conqueror would not dare to challenge the Norwegians.


You are a team of King Olav Kyrres scouts and need to find princess Ingerid.

Find the hidden runes. Translate them and find the right order of the letters.

These letters will show you the way to a secret opening between the enemies, and the location of the princess.