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Trolltunga Sunset and Sunrise tour

Guided 3-day tour to Trolltunga with accommodation in tent. Experience sunset and sunrise from Trolltunga. Beautiful, intense and magical! This is a unique nature experience with views from Trolltunga over Ringedalsvatnet and the sun setting in the west, behind the Folgefonna glacier. It will be a very special atmosphere and the next morning you wake at sunrise and Trolltunga almost entirely to yourself. Local bus from Bergen to Odda through the beautiful Hardanger. The guide will meet you in Skjeggedal. The hike is 22 km (13,7 miles) and takes in total approx. 10-12 hours to walk (two days). Classification: Black, difficult. Bergen - Odda - Trolltunga - Odda - Bergen

Into the Fjords - Overnight

Experience the Fjords, mountains and local history at Osterøy. Bike along the Osterøy Fjord and Visit the traditional local farm Klyvvikja. Sleep in a Lavo at the Farm and climb Mt. Brøknipa (822m) the next day.

Bike to the Fjord and the coast of Norway

5-day trip. Experience the unknown costal gemstones and famous fjords in Fjord Norway. Get close to the beautiful nature both by boat and by bike. There will be bike rides along the coast on Værlandet and Bulandet, and in the beautiful village of Balestrand. Before the trip ends in Bergen, you can enjoy the Flåm Railway and some parts of Rallarvegen. Bergen-Bulandet-Værlandet-Balestrand-Flåm-Bergen Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life AS/, Kieran Kolle, Rolf Sejersted, Sverre Hjørnevik/, Kviknes Hotel   

Archipelago Solund

4-day kayak trip to Solund. Two days kayaking and two hiking tours. This archipelago is perfect for kayaking. In Solund there are a myriad of small and large islands, islets and rocks that provide shelter from the wind and waves. But it is also a short distance to the ocean. Here are also sheltered bays and white beaches. Bergen - Solund - Bergen Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik,    

Trolltunga on snowshoes

3-day tour. Guided winter and spring hike on snowshoes to spectacular Trolltunga in the period from February to May. Including bus and 2 nights in hotel. Trolltunga is located near Odda in Hardanger, and the hike to this peak is among Norway's most spectacular hikes. Avoid queuing during summer and experience an even more spectacular view of Trolltunga when everything is covered with snow.   You travel by public bus from Bergen to Trolltunga Hotel. The guide will meet you day 2 in Trolltunga Hotel. The hike starts in Skjeggedal, about 20 min by bus from Odda, and you'll follow the path by foot to Topp. From Topp you switch to snowshoes. On snowshoes, up the mountain side to Gryteskar whereyou get a spectacular view towards the Folgefonna glacier. The trip continues towards Tyssebotn and Trolltunga. The hike ends at Trolltunga, one of the most famous nature attractions in Norway, with a stunning view of the Ringedal lake and the Folgefonna glacier. Plus, it should add some butterflies to your tummy. The hike is 22 km (13,7 miles) and takes approx. 10-12 hours to walk. Classification: Black, difficult. Bergen - Odda - Bergen        

The pearl Rosendal

3-day tour. Kayaking and blue ice trip on Folgefonna glacier. Hike to Malmangernuten in Rosendal. There are a lot of highlights on this tour. You paddle on a small lake at the foot of the Folgefonna glacier. You park the kayaks on the shore near the glacier, put on glacier equipment and are ready for a fairy tale experience on blue ice. You can choose if you would like to do a gentle hike on the glacier or try ice climbing – or both! From Rosendal, you hike on your own to Malmangernuten and pay a visit to the Barony Rosendal.   The small village of Rosendal is a gem, and it is perfect for families and groups of friends with slightly different interests and levels of physical fitness. There is something that suits everyone! Rosendal is beautifully situated by the Hardangerfjord between the mountains Skålafjell, Melderskin and Malmangernuten. The Barony Rosendal is the smallest castle in Scandinavia, the only one of its kind in Norway and a major attraction in Fjord Norway. It is famous for its magnificent Renaissance garden and its rich calendar of cultural events, including concerts, courtyard theatre and art exhibitions.   There are both easy and more demanding hikes in the area around Rosendal. The glacier trip on Folgefonna can be customised to include demanding climbing, or, if you prefer, an easier walk on the glacier. You paddle in stable double kayaks that are suitable for beginners. Single kayaks are also available.   In the cultural village of Rosendal, you stay at Rosendal Turisthotell, a small, charming hotel built in 1887, surrounded by the fjord, mountains, glacier and waterfalls. The hotel has undergone extensive refurbishment. Its identity is old meets new, redesign and design, knitting, homeliness and a good atmosphere. The tour requires that you are over 15 years of age and have a normal level of fitness, but does not require any previous kayaking experience.        Bergen-Rosendal-Bergen Photo: Ståle Sundfjord, Bjarne Øymyr, Folgefonni Breførarlag / Eksponert Media, Rosendal Turisthotell / Bodill Haga og Rosendal Turisthotell / Signe Schineller.

Iconic peaks

A 5-day tour with hikes to Trolltunga, Preikestolen, Vidden in Bergen and glacier hike to the Juklavass glacier. On this tour, you will go to two of the most famous mountains in Norway, namely Trolltunga and Preikestolen. You will also be walking on suburban Vidden in Bergen and at the Juklavass glacier. The fjord cities Bergen and Stavanger are also included on this tour. You travel on your own by public transport. You will have a guided glacier walk on the Juklavass glacier and a guided tour to Trolltunga. The tour across Vidden of Bergen is a self-guided hike, which means that you will be provided with an app, which guides you in the right direction and gives you information about the places you visit along the trail. The tour to Preikestolen is well marked and you wander on your own.  Bergen-Folgefonna-Trolltunga-Preikestolen-Stavanger  

Bike along Hardangerfjord

7-day bike tour. The Hardangerfjord route includes some of the finest scenery Norway has to offer, with spectacular view of the fjords, mountains and glacier. When you bike, you get these great visual impressions in slow motion. Hardanger is known for being Norway's largest supplier of fruits and berries. You bike through areas with beautiful fruit farms. Early summer offers a great blooming season, and during late summer and fall the fruit can be bought at farm stands along the road. Help yourself and put money in a box. The tour runs partially on less trafficated, picturesque roads, and partially on roads with more traffic. You go up- and down hills, and along fjords. Ferry crossings offers rests and time to enjoy the view from the fjord. You also get to bike the new spectacular Hardangerfjord bridge. The biking tour ends in the small village - Rosendal, and we recommend a visit to the old Barony. From Rosendal the Hardangerfjord Express offers a great sea voyage back to Bergen. Bergen-Voss-Ulvik-Utne-Norheimsund-Rosendal-Bergen Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik /    

Combine glacier and Trolltunga

A 3-day tour to the spectacular Trolltunga and the Folgefonna glacier. On this trip, we will first visit the Folgefonna glacier. Lighting conditions, infinite shades of blue and all the sounds makes the walk on the glacier to a very special experience. The following day we are off to one of the most spectacular mountain formations in Norway, namely Trolltunga.   You travel on your own by public transport through beautiful Hardanger in Fjord Norway. Guided tours to Folgefonna glacier and to Trolltunga. Accommodation in Trolltunga Hotel.   The glacier hike is about 5-6 km (3,1-3,7 miles) and takes approx. 5-6 hours. Classification: blue, medium. The hike to Trolltunga is 22 km (13,7 miles) and takes 10-12 hours. Classification: expert, black The tour requires that you are over 15 years of age and have a normal level of fitness.  Bergen-Folgefonna-Trolltunga-Bergen    

Kayak Paradise Solund

A 3-day trip to the archipelago Solund - two days with paddle tours. A paddle paradise with a myriad of small and large islands. Straits and reefs provide shelter from the wind and waves. But it is also a short distance to the ocean. Here are sheltered bays and white beaches. You also can go hiking on your own - choose between the two peaks Ravnenipa and Pollatinden.  Where the fjord meet’s the sea lies Solund, off the mouth of the Sognefjord. Characteristic of the municipality are the mountain-like open countryside and the sparse vegetation due to the nutrient-poor and very special rock conglomerate. Although you might not be a geologist, you will be interested in studying this rock closer and be fascinated by the many detached rocks in the landscape created by the Ice Age. The tour requires a normal level of fitness, but does not require any previous kayaking experience. If you want to hike, Ravnenipa has colour code blue, medium and Pollatinden has colour code red, challenging. Bergen - Solund - Bergen      

Magic winter adventure

A 3-day winter trip. Fjord safari to the Nærøyfjord, snowshoeing to Stegastein and the Flåm Railway. In the winter, you can combine city break with a trip to the fjords in winter suit. Bergen is a hanseatic city and is considered to be one of Norway’s most beautiful cities, which makes it worth a visit. You travel on your own by train to Voss, bus to Gudvangen. Form here you will go on a winter fjord cruise and experience one of the most beautiful and popular fjord areas in Norway, the UNESCO world heritage area in the Nærøyfjord. The narrow and spectacular fjord is surrounded by steep mountains with snow-covered peaks that stretch up to 1800 meters above sea level. In Flåm there will be a bus tour to the viewpoint Stegastein. Here you will try snowshoeing. In Flåm you will go on a winter fjord safari before you are going back to Bergen by train. The world’s most beautiful train journey, The Flåm Railway, provides a panoramic view of some of the wildest and most magnificent Norwegian mountain scenery. The train ride will take you through a snow-covered Flåm Valley – a true winter wonderland. The journey starts at Flåm only two metres above sea level. and ends in Myrdal station, 866 metres above sea level. From Myrdal, you continue by train to Bergen. Bergen-Voss-Gudvangen-Flåm-Myrdal-Bergen

Hunting the Northern Lights

A 3-day Northern Light tour to Kirkenes in Northern Norway. Try the King Crab Safari where you hunt the northern lights by snowmobile, Husky Safari and Kirkenes Snowhotel. On this trip, you can enjoy wonderful winter experiences that give you a lifetime of memories! The tour starts in Kirkenes where you are picked up at the airport and driven by bus to the hotel. In Kirkenes you will go on a snowmobile tour combined with crab and northern lights safari and the day after a visit the Kirkenes Snowhotel and hunting the northern light on a Husky tour. If you are lucky, you will experience the northern lights. Kirkenes