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Bike along Hardangerfjord

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7-day bike tour. The Hardangerfjord route includes some of the finest scenery Norway has to offer, with spectacular view of the fjords, mountains and glacier. When you bike, you get these great visual impressions in slow motion.
Hardanger is known for being Norway's largest supplier of fruits and berries. You bike through areas with beautiful fruit farms. Early summer offers a great blooming season, and during late summer and fall the fruit can be bought at farm stands along the road. Help yourself and put money in a box.

The tour runs partially on less trafficated, picturesque roads, and partially on roads with more traffic. You go up- and down hills, and along fjords. Ferry crossings offers rests and time to enjoy the view from the fjord. You also get to bike the new spectacular Hardangerfjord bridge.
The biking tour ends in the small village - Rosendal, and we recommend a visit to the old Barony. From Rosendal the Hardangerfjord Express offers a great sea voyage back to Bergen.

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Tuesday: Individual arrival Bergen

Pick up rental bikes.  Train from Bergen to Voss
It is worth spending some extra time on Voss, which is known for the event - Extreme Sports Week. You don't need not be extreme to spend time in Voss. It's a nice place just to relax before starting your bike tour the next day.
Accommodation at Fleischers Hotell, Voss.

Wednesday: Voss - Ulvik - 43 km 

From Voss you start with a gentle climb up to Skjervet, where you ride down the old road, past Skjervsfossen waterfall, to Granvin. From here you bike uphill, through Espelandsdalen, and continue down to the beautiful fruit village of Ulvik
From Ulvik you can do many great bike loops. How about visiting a fruit farms along the Fruit & Cider Route?
Dinner and accommodation at Brakanes Hotel, Ulvik.

Thursday: Ulvik - Kinsarvik - 30 km + ferry to Utne

From Ulvik to Bruravik you bike along narrow fjords, to the new and spectacular Hardangerfjord Bridge. The bridge offers an exciting trip across the fjord before continuing south to Kinsarvik.
For those in good shape, it's nice to take a detour up the Husa valley, with a magnificent waterfall and great hiking.
Ferry from Kinsarvik to Utne.
In Utne it's possible to add a visit to the Hardanger Folk Museum.
It's also nice to bike an evening tour on the west side of Sørfjorden.
Dinner and accommodation at Utne Hotel, located right by the ferry docks, and one of the oldest hotels in continuous operation since the opening in 1722 .
It's nice to take a evening bike tour on the west side of Sørfjorden.

Friday: Utne - Herand - 23 km

From Utne to Herand you bike along fjord and orchards on picturesque roads with less traffic. In the right season you can buy fruit at farm stands along the road.
When you pass the the mountain, Samlen, you can make a detour of 3 km, to Hardanger Art Gallery, with exhibitions and events.
In Herand there is a nice beach for a refreshing dip, or you can make an extra cycle tour to Jondal and back.
Expressboat from Herand to Norheimsund. 
Dinner and accommodation at Thon Hotel Sandven, Norheimsund.

Saturday: Day off in Norheimsund - opportunities to do various activities or just relax!

Some opportunities:
- Guided glacier tour in Folgefonna National park (by Expressboat from Norheimsund + bus trip and return)
- Bike roundtrip to Steinstø, lunch at Steinstø Fruits and Cake house.
- Rent a kayak, canoe or row boat
- Boat cruise to Lofthus, hike the Monk Steps  - return by boat.

Sunday: Norheimsund - Tørvikbygd - Gjermundshavn - 55 km  + Ferry to Årsnes + continue cycling to Rosendal - 9 km. Total 64 km.

Start by biking to Tørvikbygd, and from there; a nice ride along the fjord, to Gjermundshamn. Some minor climbs, but not much traffic. Ferry crossing to the south side of the fjord and continue biking to the small village of Rosendal.
Dinner and accommodation at Rosendal Turisthotel, located by the fjord, in the centre of Rosendal.

Monday: Breakfast and departure.

If you missed it yesterday, we recommend that you make a visit to the Barony in Rosendal before you leave.
The Hardangerfjord Express Boat back to Bergen.

Level of difficulty



180 km 


  • Hybrid-bikes, 7 days : NOK 2 100,-  incl. retourn of the bikes.
  • Panniers / handle bars bag: NOK 120,- each.

With the bike follows: Lock, repair kit and pump.
1 x tube pr. bike , which is paid for if used.


  • Guided glacier tour in Folgefonna National Park: appr. NOK 1 050,-. Children 4 - 16 years: NOK 870,- (from Norheimsund by Expressboat and bus tour/return.)
  • Extra for ferries during the tour: appr. NOK 300,- (has to be paid on board the ferry).
  • X-accomodation in Bergen before or after the tour: from 850,-  Per. Person in doubleroom incl. breakfast. Singelroom: from 1 200,- incl. breakfast.


  • Bergen
  • Voss
  • Skjervsfossen waterfall
  • Granvin
  • Espelandsdalen
  • Ulvik
  • Hardangerfjord Bridge
  • Hike to Husa Valley - detour
  • Utne
  • Hardanger Folk Museum
  • Hardanger Art Gallery
  • Herand
  • Folgefonna National Park
  • Steinstø Fruits and Cake house
  • Lofthus
  • Rosendal
  • The Barony in Rosendal



  1. Bergen