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A 5-day tour with hikes to Trolltunga, Preikestolen, Vidden in Bergen and glacier hike to the Juklavass glacier.

On this tour, you will go to two of the most famous mountains in Norway, namely Trolltunga and Preikestolen. You will also be walking on suburban Vidden in Bergen and at the Juklavass glacier. The fjord cities Bergen and Stavanger are also included on this tour.

You travel on your own by public transport. You will have a guided glacier walk on the Juklavass glacier and a guided tour to Trolltunga.

The tour across Vidden of Bergen is a self-guided hike, which means that you will be provided with an app, which guides you in the right direction and gives you information about the places you visit along the trail.

The tour to Preikestolen is well marked and you wander on your own. 



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Day 1: The “Vidden” of Bergen (Thursday)

The classic hike across the plateau between Mt. Ulriken and Mt. Fløyen is one of the most popular tours in Bergen.

Self-guided day trip. The city mountain hike "Vidden" from Mt. Ulriken to Mt. Fløyen offers exciting cultural history as well as beautiful and wild highland nature and scenic views of the city, fjord and mountains. "Vidden" is the highest of Bergen’s seven mountains and offers the best views of the area.

After taking the bus from the city centre, you take the Ulriken cable car up to Mt. Ulriken (643 metres - 2109 ft.). At the top, you can enjoy the view of the city before you start the hike across "Vidden". The hike to Mt. Fløyen (320 metres - 1050 ft.) takes around 4-6 hours. From there, you take the Fløibanen funicular down to the city centre.

Route information

The terrain is easy, but uneven, and can also be a bit muddy. All hiking will be on a mountain path and not on a mountain road. The weather can change rapidly, and the climate on the mountain is different from the city. The route is 13 km long and takes approx. 4-6 hours, depending on your pace. This is a self-guided hike, which means that you will be provided with an app, which guides you in the right direction and gives you information about the places you visit along the trail.

The hike is around 13 km (8 miles) and takes approx. 4-6 hours.
Classification: blue, medium.

It is also possible to go shorter walks on Mt. Fløyen or Mt. Ulriken.
Accommodation in Bergen.

Day 2: The Folgefonna glacier (Friday)

After breakfast, you take the bus from Bergen to Jondal. Remember to bring your own lunch.
Today you are going on a guided glacier walk on Juklavass glacier which is an arm of the Folgefonna glacier. Blue Ice Hike with Folgefonni Breførarlag on Juklavass Glacier, which is an arm of the Folgefonna Glacier, Norway’s third largest glacier (225 km2). Here you will get a fairytale experience on blue ice!

Lighting conditions, infinite shades of blue and all the sounds makes the glacier walk a special experience.The glacier hike starts from Fonna Glacier Ski Resort in Jondal (1200 metres).The Glacier fall Juklavass Glacier consists of both calm, at ice and more challenging crevasse areas. The guide company, Folgefonni Breførarlag, has normally two glacier guides or more every day, you can then choose to walk an easy, or a more challenging tour on the blue ice.

In the middle of the ice fall, we take a break with view over the North Sea and the Rosendal alps. The guides will tell you about the culture and the physical geography. At the end of the day, we walk back in the afternoon light with the fjord and mountains below us. 

The temperature is normally between 5 and 15 degrees Celsius (41-59 degrees Fahrenheit) on the glacier.

The tour requires that you are over 7-8 years of age and have a normal level of fitness.

The whole tour takes 11,5 hours. The glacier hike is about 5-6 km (3,1-3,7 miles) and takes approx. 5-6 hours.
Classification: blue, medium.

After the tour we continue by bus to Odda.
Accommodation Trolltunga Hotel

Day 3. Hike to Trolltunga (Saturday)

Today you are going on the demanding hike to Trolltunga (The Troll’s tongue). Trolltunga is one of the most spectacular mountain formations in Norway. It is located 1100masl circa 700 and meters above Ringedalsvatnet. From here it is a wonderful and aerial view. A guide from Trolltunga Active will guide you.

The guided hike to Trolltunga starts in Skjeggedal. We follow the path by foot to Topp. From Topp up the mountain side to Gryteskar where we will get a spectacular view towards the Folgefonna glacier. The trip continues towards Tyssebotn and Trolltunga.

The tour requires that you are over 15 years of age and have a normal level of fitness.

As the tour to Trolltunga starts with 5 km uphill hiking, we recommend that participants train on uphill/downhill hiking before arrival. 

If you want a shorter trip we recommend a walk to Lilletopp.

The hike is approximately 22 km (13 miles) and takes 10-12 hours. Total length 2x11 km (2x6,8 miles), ascent 1000 m (3280 ft).
Classification: expert/black

Accommodation Trolltunga Hotel

Day 4 – Day to relax in Odda (Sunday)

After the tour to Trolltunga, you have a day to relax in Odda. We suggest a visit to the Norwegian Museum of Hydro Power

Accommodation: Trolltunga Hotel

Day 5: Odda – Preikestolen - Stavanger (Monday)

After an early breakfast, you take the bus from Odda to Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock). Rated as one of the world’s natural wonders, and the most breathtaking viewing platform, Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) is a must-see attraction for visitors to Norway. The hike is approximately 6 km (3 miles) and takes about 4 hours there and back. This tour is well marked and you wander on your own.

After your walk, the trip continues to Stavanger by bus and boat. Old wooden houses and charming shopping streets form the heart of a modern and international city. In Stavanger, you will also find some of the region’s top restaurants, known for the creative use of local produce.


  • Bergen Thursday. You will get your vouchers from Bergen Base Camp, Holmedalsgården 3.


  • Stavanger Monday evening

Vochers for the trip will be delivered in our office at Bryggen
Bergen Base Camp, Holmedalsgården 3

Included in price

  • Guided tours to the Juklavass glacier and Trolltunga 
  • Tickets and lunch for the tour “Vidden” in Bergen. 
  • Public transport
  • Activities - see program for details.
  • Breakfast included day 2-5.
  • Accommodation: 4 nights in standard room with bathroom

Not included

  • Taxi from Odda Bus station to Trolltunga Hotel (approx. NOK 140)
  • Lunch and dinner.
  • Flights to and from Norway.
  • Alcohol and drinks.

Clothes you should wear on the hike to Trolltunga

  • Wool socks and woollen thermals
  • Wind jacket/ pants recommended Gore-Tex
  • Waterproof hiking boots
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Running gloves
  • Cap

A 40 litre backpack with

  • Beanie/hat that covers your ears
  • Warm gloves/mittens
  • Dry wool socks
  • Extra warm cloths (mainly wool, this is because wool continues to keep you warm after you get wet)
  • Food for 8-10 hours
  • 1.5 litre water / drink
  • Some snacks/chocolate

Clothes you should wear on the glacier tour

  • Wool socks and woollen thermals 
  • Warm/wind/waterproof clothing (jacket/pants) recommended Gore-Tex
  • Mountain boots (if you have your own)
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen (the sun is much 
stronger when you walk on snow, 
compared to by the water)
  • Gloves and a warm hat
  • Food for 5 hours
  • Something to drink

The guide company provides all the necessary glacier equipment (crampons, harness, helmet, ice axe and ropes). They can also bring hiking boots (sizes EU 33 - 48) if you specify your shoe size when booking the tour. 

Folgefonni Breførarlag offer rental of water/wind proof layer. NOK 150 per person. Please send us an e-mail if you need to rent clothing.


  • Sturdy hiking shoes
  • Small daypack
  • Hiking clothes for summer.
  • Warm clothes. Warm hat and gloves (in summer the temperature can vary from 5 to 30 degrees Celsius in Western Norway.    
  • Waterproof jacket and pants.


Day 1 Thursday 24.8. – Panoramic Hike across Vidden - self guided hike

Recommended itinerary

  • 9.30: Meet at Bergen Base Camp for equipment and information
  • 10.00: Ulriken bus from the city centre
  • 10.30: Arrival at Mt. Ulriken. Pick up your fresh packed lunch.
  • 10.45: Start the hike at "Vidden"
  • 13.30: Eat packed lunch
  • 16.30: Arrival at Mt. Fløyen
  • 16.45: Fløibanen funicular down the mountain (the Fløibanen funicular closes at 23.00).
  • 17.00: Return equipment at Bergen Base Camp (closes 19.00).

This is a recommended itinerary, where we estimate that it takes 6 hours to do the hike. However, you can start the hike later, but please note that the Fløibanen funicular closes at 23.00.


  • Transport
  • Lunch and soup,
  • App that guides you

Accommodation Bergen

Day 2 Friday 25.8. Blue ice hike on Juklavass Glacier

  • 08.20: Departure Bergen bus station (meet 20 min before) bus 930 Exit O
  • 10.30: Arrival Jondal
  • 10.30: Departure Jondal – glacier guide will meet you at the pier
  • 11.00: Arrival Fonna Glacier Ski Resort
  • 11.00: Blue ice hike on Juklavass Glacier starts from Fonna Glacier Ski Resort. Lunch is not included.
  • 17.15: End of glacier hike. Transport from Fonna Glacier Ski Resort
  • 18.00: Arrival Jondal 
  • 23.00 Departure Jondal kai (bus 930)
  • 23.45 Arrival Odda bus station
  • Taxi to Trolltunga Hotel (not incl. – appr. NOK 140)

Accommodation Trolltunga Hotel

Day 3 Saturday 26.8. - Guided hike to Trolltunga

  • 07.25 Departure from Trolltunga Hotel to Skjeggedal
  • 08.00: Arrival Skjeggedal
  • 08.30: Guided hike to Trolltunga 10-12 hours (lunch from hotel)
  • 1830 and 19.30 Return by bus to Trolltunga Hotel
  • 1900 and 20.00: Arrival Trolltunga Hotel

Accommodation Trolltunga Hotel

Day 4 Sunday 27.8. Relax

Day on your own to relax.

Accommodation Trolltunga Hotel

Day 5 Monday 28.8. Hike on your own till Preikestolen

  • Bus from Trolltunga to Preikestolen
  • Approx. 07.50 from Trolltunga Hotel
  • 12.10 Arrival Preikestolhytta/Pulpit Rock parking
  • Hike on your own till Preikestolen approx. 4 hours
  • Bus Preikestolhytten-Tau
  • Ferry Tau-Stavanger


  • Preikestolen - Terje Rakke/Nordic Life/Region Stavanger
  • Juklavassbreen - Desire Weststrate/Folgefonni Breførerlag
  • Juklavassbreen - Pål Hermansen/Folgefonni Breførerlag
  • Juklavassbreen - Andrea Gianetto/Folgefonni Breførerlag
  • Trolltunga - Scott Sporleder/Matador Network/www.fjordnorway.com
  • Trolltunga - Sveinung Klyve/www.fjordnorway.com
  • Ulriken - CH/visitnorway.com
  • Fløyen - Fløibanen/Robin Strand
  • Storevarden, Ulriken - Anne Gunn Rosvold/Bergen Base Camp


  • Hike across the plateau between Mt. Ulriken and Mt. Fløyen
  • Guided glacier walk on Juklavass glacier which is an arm of the Folgefonna glacier.
  • Hike to Trolltunga
  • Hike to Preikestolen
  • Stavanger


  1. Bergen
  2. Folgefonni Breførarlag AS
  3. Trolltunga
  4. Preikestolen