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Bike to the coastal pearl of fjord Norway

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5-day trip. Experience the unknown costal gemstones and famous fjords in Fjord Norway.

Get close to the beautiful nature both by boat and by bike. There will be bike rides along the coast on Værlandet and Bulandet, and in the beautiful village of Balestrand. Before the trip ends in Bergen, you can enjoy the Flåm Railway and some parts of Rallarvegen.

Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life AS/, Kieran Kolle, Rolf Sejersted, Sverre Hjørnevik/, Kviknes Hotel 


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Day 1: Bergen – Askvoll

The trip starts by cycling in Bergen- the city between the seven mountains. During the bike ride you will visit some of the historic parts of the city: Gamle Bergen (Old town Bergen), Bryggen (The Hanseatic Warf), and the Fiskerimuseet (the Norwegian Fisheries Museum). From Fjellveien (mountain road) you can admire the grand view of the city centre, the sea and the mountains that surround the city. An app that you can download, will guide you through the route.

The trip continues by speedboat from Bergen to Askvoll. From Askvoll a ferry will bring you to Værlandet. Værlandet and Bulandet is the closest neighbours to the Atlantic (Ocean), and has through all times been an important island community for costal travellers. Today this is the westernmost island community in Norway, still populated.

We recommend visitors to spend some time looking around in the charming island community -Bulandet, before cycling on to Værlandet, which in 2006 was awarded « Vakre vegers pris» (« Beautiful roads award»)

It will be about 15 minutes to go, from the dock to The Værlandet Havhotell.
Accommodation: Værlandet Havhotell.


Day 2: Bulandet and Værlandet – Balestrand

Today we will go by bike from island to island and get close to the grand nature of Bulandet and Værlandet. The 11 km long cycling trip across Værlandet to the island community of Bulandet passes several bridges and there will be opportunities to visit galleries, museum`s, viewpoint’s and to enjoy short walks in nature.

In the afternoon, we will travel by ferry back to Askvoll, and from there go by boat to Balestrand. The Kviknes Hotel is located by the dock in Balestrand, at the idyllic Sognefjord. From the speedboat to the hotel it`s only a 20-meter walk.
Accommodation: Balestrand.


Day 3: Balestrand

After breakfast, it's time to cycle or walk in Balestrand. At the hotel, you will receive a map showing the many walk`s and bicycle tours in Balestrand. You can choose for how long you want the day trip to last.

There are several different and beautiful pinnacles in varied terrain to choose from in Balestrand. The view from the highest peaks is breath taking! There is also a varied and well-marked network of trails, and most visitors will find a suitable alternative. The trails are well organized with viewpoints, benches and bonfire locations.

After you trip, you rest in peaceful environment at the hotel terrace or in one of the hotel lounges.
Accommodation: Balestrand. 


Day 4: Balestrand – Flåm – Vatnahalsen

After breakfast, there will be a short cycle- or walk in Balestrand before leaving by speedboat towards Flåm.

The highlight of the day is the Flåm Railway- an incredible train journey, 20 steep kilometres between the fjord village of Flåm, to the high mountain and Myrdal. The Flåm Railway is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Norway and the journey lasts about one hour. The Flåm Railway is among the steepest train rides in the world- on normal tracks/standard gauge, and has a height difference of 865,5 meters in total. The journey will run through magnificent nature. The Lonely Planet Traveller ranged The Flåm Railways as number one in the «The World´s most incredible train journeys 2014».
Accommodation: The Vatnahalsen Høyfjellshotell. 


Day 5: Vatnahalsen – Flåm – Bergen

After breakfast, we cycle the Rallarvegen to Flåm. It´s about 20 kilometres from Vatnahalsen to Flåm and most of the trip is downhill. From Flåm we travel back to Bergen by speedboat.


  • Bergen: Bryggen, Fisheries museum, Old town Bergen and Fjellveien (mountain road)
  • Værlandet 
  • Bulandet
  • Balestrand
  • Flåm
  • Flåmsbana
  • Rallarvegen
  • Vatnahalsen


  1. Bergen
  2. Værlandet
  3. Balestrand kommune