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Kayak Paradise Solund

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A 3-day trip to the archipelago Solund - two days with paddle tours. A paddle paradise with a myriad of small and large islands. Straits and reefs provide shelter from the wind and waves. But it is also a short distance to the ocean. Here are sheltered bays and white beaches.
You also can go hiking on your own - choose between the two peaks Ravnenipa and Pollatinden. 

Where the fjord meet’s the sea lies Solund, off the mouth of the Sognefjord. Characteristic of the municipality are the mountain-like open countryside and the sparse vegetation due to the nutrient-poor and very special rock conglomerate. Although you might not be a geologist, you will be interested in studying this rock closer and be fascinated by the many detached rocks in the landscape created by the Ice Age.

  • The tour requires a normal level of fitness, but does not require any previous kayaking experience.
  • Ravnenipa has classification code blue, medium
  • Pollatinden has classification code red, challenging

Included in the price

• Accommodation in double room
• Breakfast (day 2-3)
• 2-course dinner (day 1-2 - 2 days)
• Rental of kayaks and equipment
• Guide day 2.
• Lunch at the guided tour (day 2).
• Packed lunch (day 3).
• Express boat Bergen-Krakhella t / r. 

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Day 1: Bergen - Hardbakke - Solund (Friday)

The tour starts at 16:30 by express boat from Bergen to Krakhella. From Krakhella the journey continues by bus to Hardbakke and Solund. 2-course dinner and accommodation in double room at Solund leilighetshotell (Solund apartment hotel).

Day 2: Solund (Saturday)

After breakfast, we start with an introductory course for kayak (unless you have minimum a Våttkort) «Våttkort» means «wet card» and proves you have passed the Norwegian Paddle Foundation’s (NPF) Intro course or a higher graded course.  Then there will be a guided kayak tour including lunch. The journey takes a total of 4-5 hours.
2-course dinner and accommodation in double room at Solund leilighetshotell (Solund apartment hotel).

Day 3: Solund (Sunday)

After breakfast, it is time to test out your new kayak skills on your own. Bring lunch. Or, if you rather prefer, you can go hiking on your own. You can choose between the two peaks Ravnenipa and Pollatinden.

Ravnenipa is located across Hardbakke centre. The mountain is 230masl and offers a great view of Hardbakke, Inner Steinsund, Liasundet, Gulen and the Sognefjord. The tour takes about 1.5-2 hours.
Ravnenipa has colour code blue, medium. 

Pollatinden is the second highest mountain in Solund with its 541masl. On the mountain top, there is a great stone cairn and it offers a breath-taking view of the islands in all directions and far out to the ocean. This trip takes about 3 hours. Pollatinden has colour code red, challenging.

Departure from Solund at 17:20. Return to Bergen by bus and express boat. Arrival at Bergen 20:40.

The safety and wellbeing of participants is the top priority of your guides.

Intro Courses Kayak

Participants are introduced to the kayak and equipment. After completing the course the participant have through simple practical exercise learned to use the kayak, paddle, spray top and west. The course will motivate for further training in paddling.
• Lifting, carrying and launching the kayak
• Paddle forward with the right course
• Stop
• Turn kayak both ways
• Backwards paddling
• Spin around and get out of the kayak into the water
• Disembarkation
• Sitting posture and good paddling technique
• Introduction to how to increase security by paddling
• Knowledge of local paddling conditions

The guide company provide:

• Kayak
• Paddles
• Paddle Vest
• Spray skirt
• Wetsuit
• Paddle shoes
Please specify weight, what size you use in footwear, wetsuits and west.

All your clothing can be wet, please bring extra set of clothing so you can change after the trip if needed. You should also bring a towel.


·      Sturdy hiking shoes (if you want to go hiking)
·      Small backpack (hiking)
·      Waterproof jacket and pants
·      Sunscreen
·      Sunglasses
·      Extra clothing for paddling
·      Wool garments to wear under paddle costume
·      Warm hat and gloves (in summer the temperature can change from 10 to 30 degrees Celsius in Solund)


  • Sverre Hjørnevik
  • Hanrune.no
  • Sara Marie Ytreøy
  • Evelyn Røed


  • Solund - kayak paradise
  • Ravnenipa -  230masl and offers a great view of Hardbakke, Inner Steinsund, Liasundet, Gulen and the Sognefjord.
  • Pollatinden - 541masl - the second highest mountain in Solund 


  1. Bergen
  2. Solund