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Høyt & Lavt Climbing Park

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With a short distance from Bergen city centre, you can experience an exciting and active day in the tree tops. Vestland's most beautiful playground is high in the trees at Nesttun in Bergen. A day in the climbing park offers activities and challenges for all ages and skill levels. There will be experiences you will never forget. 

Choose from simple trails that go right across the hill or more challenging trails that take you up to 20 meters in height. With 9 different climbing trails and both short and long zip liner, you will experience excitement and coping.

Price by altitude, all equipment and training are included
  • NOK 160,- height 80-110 cm
  • NOK 290,- height 110-140 cm
  • NOK 340,- height over 140 cm

Height requirements
The trails are graded with colors like in a resort. Orange is simplest and black is hardest. In between you find green, blue and red. The height requirements for the different colors on the trails are:

  • Orange: Over 80 cm.
  • Green: Over 110 cm
  • Red/blue: Over 140 cm.
  • Black: Over 160 cm

Children under 6 years old must follow a guide adult in green trails. Children under the age of 12 must follow a guiding adult in blue and red lane. We recommend my 1 adult per 4 children. Unfortunately, we can not give children without advisory adult access to the "high trails" in the park.

Opening hours: 11:00-17:00

  • March: Saturday
  • April-June: Saturday and Sunday
  • 22 June-15 August: Every day
  • August-October: Saturday and Sunday
Safety rules
  • Access to the activities is not allowed for:
  • People affected by alcohol or other drugs
  • Pregnant
  • Maximum weight for climbers: 120kg
  • Access to activities is not recommended for:
  • People with back or neck pains
  • People with a disease that affect the heart / lungs, or who have other physical challenges


Must be booked 24 hours before activity

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The road to Høyt & Lavt Climbing Park

Høyt & Lavt Bergen climbing park can be found in Osvegen 141, 5227 Nesttun, Bergen.

Distance from Bergen Center 12 km approx 18 minutes, from Flesland airport 10.6 km approx 17 minutes


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