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Into the Fjords - Overnight

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Experience the Fjords, mountains and local history at Osterøy. Bike along the Osterøy Fjord and Visit the traditional local farm Klyvvikja. Sleep in a Lavo at the Farm and climb Mt. Brøknipa (822m) the next day.

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We meet at Bryggen in Bergen, where we will select bikes before the tour starts. We will drive over the Osterøy Bridge 30 min later. This is our starting point for the bike tour. From there you will bike along the Osterøy fjord on a small countryside road with good views of the fjord. Along the way you will pass many small charming houses and farms. The bike is 14km and takes around 2 hours. You will pass the old church and the local store in Bruvik, before you arrive at Klyvvikje farm.


Here the local host will give us a tour of the farm and share the history. We will see old tools and furniture, agriculture, animals, an old country shop (Landhandel) and activities on the farm.

Afterwards there will be a traditional meal and storytelling by the fireplace before we make our bed in a traditional Lavo for the night.


The next day we will have breakfast before we drive to the mountain. The road takes us up the mountain side from Bruvik, on a winding road with good views. We will then arrive at our starting point for the mountain hike.


The hike takes us upwards on a small mountain path. As we get higher the view of the area gets better and better. When we reach the summit, we will have fantastic view over the fjords and the surroundings (weather permitting). At the summit we will have lunch, with traditional Norwegian hiking food (Turmat) prepared by the Guide, before we hike back down. The Hike is about 5 hours and afterwards we return to Bryggen, Bergen.


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