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Bike rental – Bontelabo

The most sustainable way to move around the city. New trekking, road and E-bikes. We have an app with information about suggested routes. Rent bikes from our office at Bontelabo.


NOK 490

Biking through Bergen’s history

Self-guided 3-hours trip through Bergen. Our app will guide you to Bryggen, historic churches, multiple museums, and long scenic routes. Museum tickets are included.


NOK 490

City Bike and Mountain Hike

Self-guided day tour. Experience both summit and sea level of Bergen, with a biking tour through the city, combined with hiking on the highest city mountain, Mt. Ulriken.


NOK 690

Urban biking and classical concert

Self-guided day trip to the famous composer Edvard Grieg’s villa Troldhaugen.  Enjoy a lunchtime concert in Troldsalen, surrounded by the very scenery that once inspired him in his work.


NOK 590

Guided food and culture walk

Experience the city of Bergen with all your senses. This tour takes you through the history of Bergen and tastes of local food and its story.


890 NOK

Guided snowshoe hike

Experience the beautiful scenery of Bergen’s tallest mountain on our guided hike on snowshoes.

The Last Viking

Experience viking history in this interactive, location based escape game in Bergens’ historic quarters!


NOK 490

Panoramic hike across Vidden

Self-guided day trip. Enjoy beautiful and wild highland nature and scenic views of the city, fjord and mountains on this trip from Mt. Ulriken to Mt. Fløyen.


590 NOK

Roundtrip on Mt. Ulriken

Self-guided hiking round trip on Mt. Ulriken, a shorter alternative to the Vidden panoramic tour. On this trip, you can enjoy the scenic views of the city, fjord and mountains as well as the cultural history of the area along the route.


490 NOK

Zipline Mt. Ulriken

Experience Norway’s fastest zipline on the highest city mountain in Bergen. It is uncertain when Zipline will reopen for the 2021 season due to work on Ulriksbanen. Stay tuned to Ulriken643’s or our websites.


NOK 300

High rope and rafting course

Enjoy a day hanging around in the Klatrepark and riding the waves on a fun river near Voss


1565 NOK

Family high rope and rafting

Active and fun family day with both high-end trails in Klatreparken and an amazing fun-filled rafting trip in the river.


825 NOK

Høyt & Lavt Climbing Park

With a short distance from Bergen city centre, you can experience an exciting and active day in the tree tops. A day in the climbing park offers activities and challenges for all ages and skill levels.

Guided Blue Ice hike

Guided day trip to Juklavass Glacier. Bus and boat through Hardanger on the way to the glacier.

Into the Fjord – Biking

Experience the Fjords and local history in Osterøy. Bike along the beautiful Osterøy Fjord and visit the traditional local farm Klyvvikje Farm.

Paddle the Spectacular Nærøyfjord

The Nærøyfjord, Gudvangen and the valley leading up to Stalheim has been a popular tourism destination for almost 150 years -­ not without a reason – the scenery is spectacular.


NOK 1990

Fjord, Kayak and Blue Ice

Day tour to Rosendal. Fjord cruise, kayak on the lake Møsevatn in front of the glacier and blue ice trip on Folgefonna Glacier.


NOK 3990

Bergen GO

Immersive, mobile escape game in Bergen city centre. All-round trivia questions to test your knowledge of the city and its history. Can you make it to the top lists?


NOK 490