Meet our team

This is the diverse team dedicated to making your next

adventure the best one you’ll ever have!

Victoria Nielsen


«I’ve always loved fairytales, but what you experience first-hand in nature supersedes all fantasy. Walking in beautiful forests, encapsulating valleys or other hiking magic peaks – I love them all equally. With passion and knowledge of nature, no adventures are the same – they’re all a unique experience, and having the opportunity to share these experiences with others, is the best thing I know of»



«I have great love for nature, culture, and the meeting of people, and my position as a creator of the customers’ dream adventure, is perfect for me.  After being many years in Norway Insight it is still the greatest job I could have, and together with my super colleagues, our biggest drive is to give our customers fantastic experiences and memories for life. The office is my second home, you can always reach me via our contact options.»

Anne Gunn Rosvold


I love to travel and I love to travel responsible. I also learned how important it is to have local expertise to find the best adventures and experiences. I am passionate about helping each traveler find the right itinerary for them in Norway. My most unique experiences when traveling have never been something I saw through a bus window or other windows and have never been something I bought! The people I met, the stories they told, the food I tasted, or the activities I did – that is what make my travels.

Even Rosvold


Even has been with us for many years, and loves to get the overview from the top of a mountain. He is the man who is has the job of taking the crazy ideas the team comes up with, and make them into reality. Now he is making your travel dreams into reality.

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Mathias is the latest addition to our office and works with everything tech and IT. His work focus on creating forward-thinking and seamless solutions that will enhance the user experiences for our customers, as well as free up time for the other coworkers so that they can focus on creating the best adventures for our customers.